An Introduction to Funki Foxes NFT Collection.

Funki Foxes
3 min readDec 14, 2021


12 millennia after an induced hibernation, a skulk of foxes awaken to discover themselves in the peculiar caves of Zoza. Following their awakening from this unnatural slumber, they searched within the caves and its surroundings in vain for a place to quench their thirst.

Leaving the caves, they journeyed through the thick forest and eventually stumbled upon a shack that looked like it had seen better days. Luckily for them, the place was open but the only option available was a purple sparkly liquid labelled “Funki Juice”.

With no choice or options left, they quickly chugged this down and before any of them could even realize, it triggered a series of irreversible transformations and teleported them straight into a magical alternate universe called the Funkiverse.

These foxes became known as the Funki Foxes.

Collage Of Some of Funki Foxes.

Funki Foxes (FUFO) is a new and vibrant collection of digital foxes designed and created by four frens who are a hybrid mix of creatives, technology and crypto enthusiasts with a shared passion for art and culture. The inspiration behind this collection arose as a result of playful curiosity that led to the first step which led us here.

The collection was created from over 180 traits which had the potential to generate about 150,000 possible combinations but only 12,000 made the cut. We worked relentlessly for months to create the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing quality artwork that we are so proud of.

The story of the Funki Foxes begins from after they wake up from hibernation and then get transformed and teleported into a whole new universe where they feel safe and get to be their authentic selves; allowing them create and do all the things they once imagined to be impossible.

What does Funki Foxes and the Funkiverse represent?

Funki Foxes represents the spirit of the meta young; those who are forever young in spirit, who enjoy life in all forms and who have chosen not to conform. Why conform? When you can take pride in your unique traits and be yourself without apologies.

The Funkiverse represents an alternate universe whose citizens known as Funkizens are now building out their dreams, thriving and living in abundance. It’s a space with common and uncommon grounds, A fun-filled place, An experience.

It is a dream which can only be made manifest via collective belief, immersion and participation of all the Funkizens.

What can I do with my Funki Foxes Token?

For as long as you’re a Funki Foxes holder, you have complete ownership over the token; including the commercial rights of the art assigned to the token. What does this signify?

Well, simply put, it means that you can utilize your Funki Fox both for your personal purposes like an avatar, displaying in your private gallery and so on. On the other hand, you can also use your Funki Foxes for commercial purposes such as creating merchandise, putting your Fox in videos, comics, games or even using it as the official mascot of your business. The possibilities are endless!

Cool right?

If you would like to be a part of our community and be kept in the loop about our journey, next steps… join the conversation on our twitter; share your ideas and thoughts with us, connect and hangout with new frens and other potential Funki Foxes collectors.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter as well — — We’ll see y‘all Funki Foxes in the Funkiverse!



Funki Foxes

Funki Foxes is an exclusive NFT collection of 12,000 Unique Foxes living a luxurious life in the Funkiverse on the Ethereum blockchain.