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Funki Foxes
6 min readDec 16, 2021


The Funki Foxes project was created by four friends; Funkiveller, Aerofox, Old Baron and Gervixen. Initially the team was just Funkiveller with Aerofox and we were gonna try to build the whole thing by ourselves, but during the design process, we quickly found out that in order to create something so intricate like we imagined, we had to bring in other masterminds who understood how important it was to create a diverse and culturally significant piece of work.

Funkiveller designed the art, Old Baron is behind most of the marketing and curation for upcoming releases, while Gervixen and Aerofox handled all the fun techy aspects. We decided to stay anonymous because we wanted our work to be appreciated for itself without being linked to our identities.

Backstory, the journey and what we have learnt so far.

From the beginning of all civilization, humans have taken serious care of their identification and the status & prestige it could bring to them. Many of the attributes associated with prestige are easily quantified and tangible such as luxury houses, cars, jewelry, heirloom collections and so on…

But since the pandemic began, all these stuff which used to mean so much started to become sort of obsolete. Especially with a serious increase in digitalization, many people around the world have begun to adapt and now appreciate & value other intangible things like more time spent with family and friends, ability to work from anywhere and even deeper social connections with peers.

So since we saw that these days more people feel the call to build their digital identity and identify themselves amongst others, we decided to jump in and create something that we would love to identify ourselves with.

We actually started working on this project since the beginning of March this year, but somewhere along the line, we got a bit distracted creating some fun emojis and stickers tryna test things out lol!

Then Funkiveller started cooking up some dope designs and attributes for the initial samples which the collection were to be based upon. During the design of the site and selecting the properties to be contained within the artworks, we discovered that these processes took more time than we anticipated.

Making the art too was a point of reckoning for us. We made a lot of samples at first, so as to get the best set of features which would highlight the art. The things that even played a great part in what we assumed was a delay at that time was making sure that enough time was invested in curating the entire art experience. Working on the detailing to bring a peculiar quality of aesthetics to the art and making sure that each of the Funki Foxes was special and balanced.

So, even with the illusion of delay, we found out that it was actually a blessing in disguise. We have learned quite a lot from embarking on this journey.. and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

A little something from our hearts..


We aren’t trying to appeal to everyone; we just wanna reach out to the people who see us in them, who have a strong belief that together we stand a chance and can become an unstoppable force.

Those who believe in our mission, and share a connection with our work. The ones who appreciate and have love for this new art culture alongside the science and technology which surrounds and enables it. Those who understand that it’s only a matter of energetic unison.

We don’t want to do the whole hyped out launches with over the top promises, we just wanna funk with those who believe in us and those who believe in what we can all achieve together as a collective.

Because in our Funki opinion, if we all agree and move forward in unity, there’s no force in this space and time that can stop us.

Meet some of the Funki Foxes

and some background info we imagined as well ;)


An intelligent Funkbot who loves solving complex mathematical equations to improve on-chain processing while multitasking.
This Fox knows what it means to have a million tabs open in your mind because recently has become engrossed with data streaming.
Ron once worked on a pirate ship and soon started wearing an eyepatch due to peer pressure. But gold studs have always been Ron’s thing.


Enjoys vaping, visits to the museum, art galleries and has a serious thing for classy events.
Always appearing calm and composed, but should not be mistaken for a Fox you can easily walk over!

Hattrick wears a bowtie all the time and throws extravagant luxury parties every Friday.


Artist, Singer, Fashionista, Jeweller and collector of all things sparkly, Fiona is one Fox whose presence demands respect. Mostly busy during the week creating new AR art and cooking up new recipes, this Fox is always discovering and doing amazing things.

On some Friday nights, Fiona sings at Hattrick’s parties.

General 7 Khalifa

As a retired general from the uprising, you can easily tell that thisFox takes no shit.
Sporting a non funkible tee and some nice Aviator sunglasses, this Fox mostly prefers to be alone.
But recently, Hattrick’s parties have started to become more and more inviting…(probably due to Fiona’s presence)

Would Khalifa risk it all?

Dj Delyt

A Funki Fox to the core! This Fox embodies the true spirit of the Funkiverse; fun, curious, intelligent and authentic.

Always looking fly, Delyt is never caught looking unfresh! You can find Dj Delyt at every Funki event on the wheels of steel, spinning and scratching the beats like there’s no tomorrow.

Is this a good investment for me?

Well, that depends on you and what your views on what a good investment is. As always with investing, don’t put in more than you can afford to lose.

How can I get a Funki Fox?

Join our community on Discord and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates and announcements from us. If you’re a total newbie and don’t know where to start from.. don’t worry, we got you! Our next blog will be geared towards web3 and NFT newbies and would show y’all the basic steps for getting in the game.

We’re also making arrangements for our first set of giveaways and competitions; so stay tuned, let’s GET FUNKI!



Funki Foxes

Funki Foxes is an exclusive NFT collection of 12,000 Unique Foxes living a luxurious life in the Funkiverse on the Ethereum blockchain.